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Professional Development

This section contains the most recent developments hosted by us!


With the acceleration of electric and autonomous vehicle technology, the landscape of the automotive industry has begun to shift dramatically. As a result, the knowledge base of established automotive companies is being challenged, positioning students to lead the charge on industry-wide changes. Automotive Future recognizes these sweeping changes by providing professional resources which emphasize the fundamental skills behind electric and autonomous vehicle development.

Past Events

Fall Professional Panel

Automotive Future hosted professional engineers and Michigan students with work experience at companies such as Ford, Rivian, Daimler, Tesla, GM, and more to share their experiences in industry with recruiting, internships, and full-time careers. Additionally, Automotive Future E-board team led resume critiques for members seeking resume help ahead of Fall Career Fair at the University of Michigan.
Mock Interview
To prepare members for successful interview experiences with recruiters, Automotive Future hosted a 2-week long series of mock interviews modeled around real engineering interview questions from various discipline areas across the automotive industry.
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